Practice balance...on water, on land, in life.

What is SUP Yoga?


Simply put, yoga that takes place on a stand up paddleboard on the water.

SUP yoga is an excellent way to improve core strength, train balance, and target the smaller muscles that may be neglected or overlooked in other forms of exercise, including a yoga practice on land. Because the paddle board is an unstable surface, your body is constantly adjusting to find balance. It is necessary to stay focused, have a steady gaze, move slowly and mindfully from one posture to another.

Practicing yoga on the water is both an invigorating and relaxing experience. SUP yoga incorporates playfulness, a sense of adventure, and deep relaxation as you practice being in the moment. You can't think about your to-do list when you are focusing on not falling in the water! Learn to let go of tension, breathe through challenges, and perhaps overcome fear or doubt in yourself and your ability to balance on water. The best part is you get to do all of this in nature. Whether on a lake, river, bay, or pool, you are in the elements, breathing fresh air under the open sky with the sun on your skin.


SUP Yoga Classes

Here at Rivertowns SUP & Yoga we offer two different classes for people of all skill levels. Pick from indoors or outdoors classes and experience a new way to find your center. 


Pool SUP Yoga

A safe beginner's method for learning SUP Yoga or for those who prefer the pool, these classes take place in a controlled pool setting. No yoga experience necessary.


River SUp Yoga

Learn SUP Yoga outdoors with an experienced teacher that will take you from shore to water. No yoga or paddle experience necessary to join.



River Paddleboard Classes

We also offer Stand-Up Paddleboarding on the Hudson. It's a great class to train your core and balance in a fun new way, while experiencing the fresh air of the outdoors during your workout.